Before you go – Clare James


Sexy young couple passionately kissing in bedroom.

Author- Clare James
Publication date- March 30th 2013
Genre- Romance, New adult,

Book description- After a public sex scandal at her college, Tabby moves to a new city with a new school, convinced she can start over. But she soon realises the changes are not enough. Tabby must take action to help her heal and move on from the past.

And though it sounds crazy, she believes a one-night stand is the best way to take back what’s hers. If she can choose where, when, and most importantly, who … maybe she can regain control.
First, she needs a willing participant.She finds more than that when she meets Noah Adler.
Unfortunately, she can’t go through with it. And when she tries to forget about the plan—and the guy—it becomes impossible.
Noah quickly weaves his way into her new life and her heart. But as he comes dangerously close to discovering her secret, Tabby’s at risk of losing it all.

My Review
So I started this book last night and it took me around 2 hours to read. Yes I obviously enjoyed it. It is in first person through the character of Tabitha Kelly (I had a cat called Tabby when I was younger so it made me giggle a little.) The story starts out with Tabby in a bar trying to get a guy, at first I was thinking it was going to be a girl who was desperate for sex and attention etc etc. Little did I know Tabby was actually drugged and made out to be a slut in her old college. This is what drew me in even more after reading about her past, as being a teenager myself, I have seen my friends and other people get hurt and humiliated by things like this. Silly pictures and videos so I found it really interesting to actually read a fictional story about what is a common thing these days. It is also so different to any other book I have read normally its an abusive past, murders and chapters of sex but, this book actually stood out from others I have read.

Clare James was brave with this book as it touches a soft subject but she did it well. As everyone knows there are so many books with the characters having a big dark secret past but the thing that makes this book unique is the way the writer has included the therapy and exercises people go through to help what they have been through. It was realistic and that’s what makes this book so good. I imagine many people can relate to this book and Tabitha. A lot of teenagers these days go through therapy and attend groups to help with their pasts or issues they may be having in life.
The one thing in this book that made me smile was the Butterfly project, I personally know people who have used this to stop themselves harming their own bodies. People who do not know what the Butterfly project is i will explain. It is a project created for self harmer’s who need help and motivation to stop harming. The rules are simple. The harmer draws a butterfly on their places of harm, if the butterfly fades without them self harming it means it has lived and flown away. If they do harm it means the butterfly has died and must start its life again. The idea is to name the butterfly after a person who is loved by the harmer, motivating them not to hurt that person.

The only things about this book that made me question it was the character of Jules. Considering she was supposed to be Tabby’s new best friend and support her through her therapy she seemed more like a shadow. She wasn’t there much and it would have been good to see her more in the book and learn more about her. Although Clare James has announced there will be another book with Jules and Thomas’ story so I guess that will learn us more about the other characters. I would also like to know more about Noah and Jenna’s past.

The character of Noah was beautiful you could feel the love and passion between him and Tabby. One thing that did make me cringe a little was Noah’s way of getting Tabby to trust again. I found it a little bit awkward but hey it worked for her!

I am going to give this book a 4/5 because I loved it so much, it was face paced and hooked me right from the beginning. The characters are relatable and realistic. I am really impressed by this book. It is honestly beautiful and I can not wait to see what else Clare James has to come!

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