Whats to come…

Hi guys!

Since my review on Automaton has been up I have had so many review requests, its crazy! I have about 4 books that have been sent through to me the last few weeks so I’m just going to post on here the books I have got and will be reviewing in the order. I have been busy the last week or so, meaning I haven’t had much time to read but this week I will be catching up with everything! That is starting today as soon as this post goes live I will start reading! As some of you may know Entwined with you by Sylvia Day is on sale on the 4th so I am trying to read at least a book or two before that, as I really have been looking forward to EWY and I cant wait to review it along with the other 2 Crossfire Novels in one post!

I may read a book that I have received after another first, simply because it just grabs my attention more and its what I feel in the mood to read! It doesn’t mean I don’t want to read a certain book, its simply what I want to read first. I can promise I will get through all of these books in the next few weeks and each will have its own review. So lets begin on the list….

Dream On by Terry Tyler

Dream Student by J.J. Di Benedette  

When Love isn’t enough by Stephanie Casher

There is one more book but since I am nearly done with it I wont add it to the list, the review will be up either tomorrow or later today for that one. So keep your eyes out!


If you have any questions, or anything to say at all just send me a message!



Until next time my fellow readers


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