Automaton – C L Davies


Author- C.L. Davies
Publication date- 15th November 2011
Genre- Sci-Fi
Book description- In the not too distant future, after the huge successes of role playing games and virtual worlds such as The Sims, Second Life, and reality shows such as Big Brother, it was only a matter of time before somebody took the next step. A remote island. An android population existing only to entertain. Their lives broadcast around the clock and around the globe. Their actions dictated by their owners. It’s the world’s biggest game played by thousands. Welcome to Gameworld. Dean 3012 is a good guy living on the Island. He loves his girlfriend, Lily, and with their first baby on the way, life is perfect. But when things take a sinister turn, the couple is plunged into a world of darkness and despair. Dean must take control and fight for all their lives.

My Review

This book was actually sent to me by Cheryl Davies herself for a review, I have to say I am so glad I said yes! Being the first ever Sci-Fi I have read, it has certainly made me want to read more of that genre.  The book is about a virtual world called GameWorld, where players own their own characters and then control their every move without their characters knowing, even when they do things they really don’t want to. Their lives are then broadcasted around the world 24/7 for people to watch, just like Big Brother. The story concentrates on Dean and Lily, the two people who live in the GameWorld and are controlled by Amelia and Luke. Dean starts to have an affair, which Amelia (Lily’s owner) can see on the outside, she isn’t happy about it so she decides to sort it out with Deans owner Luke. I will stop there as I don’t want to ruin the story for other people! If you want to know the rest then I suggest you read this wonderful book. Although there will be spoilers throughout my review.

There are so many good things about this book starting with the way Davies makes us fall in love with the characters of Dean and Lily, even though Dean cheats on Lily (Against his own will of course) we still love him. They were such a lovable couple and so perfect. They are expecting a baby and getting ready for the rest of their lives together until Amelia decides to do the most awful heartbreaking thing ever and wipe Lilys memory! Which leaves Dean alone, sad and depressed. Its so heartbreaking to read but its amazing how Davies has wrote it so perfectly that we can feel the pain Dean is going through. 

Another thing that I really loved about this book is how the story has so many twists and turns and it totally shocks you. I was expecting the happy ending and them ending up living happily ever after, but oh no not Automaton, I guess in a sense it is a happy ending for Amelia but for Dean and Lily, oh no. It is rare that a book actually makes me sit and cry to the point my mom has to comfort me but this book made it happen. It was so sad feeling the desperation Dean was experiencing to find Lily and get her to remember him and also him not being able to see his daughter or even get a chance to know her. Deans death got me sobbing the most, I totally did not expect it  but I think it is what has made this book so different and good, rather than follow most authors and do the happy ending Davies had gone down the other road and gave it the happy-ish ending with a good twist.

The book really highlights the obsession with online gaming in virtual worlds and also people’s obsessions with reality tv. I must say after reading this book I went straight onto my laptop to play sims! Being an obsessed player of the Sims and also reality TV this book was just perfect to me. When I have characters on the sims I have sometimes got a little attached and felt sad when bad things happen to them, so I can totally understand Amelias anger when she found Dean cheating on Lily. Its scary to think that in the future this could actually happen! The other thing that is even scarier is the way these people are terminated, that creeped me out so much! If you stay out after curfew, don’t wear your sleep mask or try and run across the fields you are a goner.

There is probably only one thing about this book I would say I didn’t like and that was the way it kept jumping from character to character, at first it was really confusing to keep up with but after awhile I got used to it and got into the way it kept just hopping to another character. Infact one more tiny thing that could’ve made it better, is if the book was longer. Maybe this is just my sims addict coming out but I would have loved to read more about their lives and also Amelia’s life behind the screen.

I honestly loved this book so much and i’m not just saying this because the author sent me the book and will be reading the review. I have recomended this book to many of my friends I have spoke about it that much my sister has began to read the book too. This book is perfect for any sci-fi fan, sims fan, reality tv fans just anyone!

Like I said I had never read a sci-fi and now I can’t wait to read another. Its just one of those books that make you think wow what if… and yikes this could actually happen! I am going to give this book a 4.5 out of 5! Not only was the book amazing but Cheryl Davies is a wonderful and kind woman too. She motivated me to write more through the exchange of emails and also just made me more excited about reading and writing altogether.

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Beautiful Disaster- Jamie Mcguire


Author- Jamie Mcguire
Publication date-  14th August 2012
Genre-  Romance, New adult
Book description-  Abby Abernathy doesn’t drink or swear and she works hard. Abby believes she has created enough distance between her and the darkness of her past, but when she arrives at college, her dreams of a new beginning are quickly challenged by the university’s walking one-night stand. Bad Boy. Travis Maddox, handsome, built, and covered in tattoos, is exactly what Abby needs – and wants – to avoid. He spends his nights winning money in a floating fight club, and his days as the notorious college Lothario. A disaster waiting to happen…Intrigued by Abby’s resistance to his charms, Travis tricks her into his life with a simple bet. If he loses, he must remain celibate for a month. If Abby loses, she must live in Travis’ apartment for the same amount of time. Or the start of something beautiful? Either way, Travis has no idea that he has met his match. Or that this is the start of an obsessive, intense relationship that will lead them both into unimaginable territory…

My Review

Being totally honest the only reason I bought this book was because it was in the ‘similar to Fifty Shades of Grey’. After reading the Fifty Shades books I flew into that pit of fifty shades post depression just like every other person. So when I saw Beautiful Disaster I thought I would give it a go and thank god I did!

It is written in first person, in Abbey Abernathys point of view. She is introduced as the quiet goody two shoes but as the story moves on we learn she’s not so good and she has a big past. After losing her bet with Travis she is left to live with him for an entire month. Over the month they learn new things about each other, learn about each others past and quickly fall in love but not admitting it to each other until the month is up and after dating other people. Long story short, two people with a past fall in love but are scared to admit their feelings and let each other in, when they finally do its happy ever after. Kind of.

If you fall in love with characters easily you will sure fall for Travis within the first two chapters!

There was a few things in this book that made me think WHAT THE HELL!? others that made me a little confused and angry and a lot that made my heart melt! Starting with the what the hells…

At one point in the book Travis starts singing I can’t get no satisfaction in the middle of the cafeteria and the football players sing as back up! At first I thought this was meant to be an exaggerated comparison, unfortunately not, it was a cringe moment in the book and I don’t understand why it happened.
Another what the hell moment is at the end Abby and Travis finally get married in Vegas (shocker.. not) She then gets a tattoo of “MRS MADDOX” and refers to it as her brand! SERIOUSLY!? I found it was little creepy and weird, we live in 2013 everyone knows not to get someones name inked on you! Its strange!

The one thing that confused me is why Jamie Mcguire used Country names in this book I mean one sure but two? America and Brazil were names used in this book and at first I was like huh why is she talking about countries until I realised they were in fact names! Not that its a big thing or really a point I should of made but it just confused me a little.

Moments that got me angry were ones when Travis was ‘trying to get Abby back’ I would normally call this stalking. He sat outside her apartment for days, he was controlling and seemed to find any way possible to keep her to himself all the time. He bought her a puppy just to bring her back to his apartment… CREEP! although many people ask why people get pulled into these bad boy characters who are violent and abusive to others I have to say I am a sucker for it. These controlling and violent characters always make me swoon, no idea why! Must be the writers effects.

Moving on to the good points, I love this book more than anything even though I have had a little moan about it, I have to admit it is my favorite book I have read so far, so different and intense. I sat through this book crying along with the characters emotions and getting butterflies when the cute little moments happened. The sexual tension between Travis and Abby was almost unbearable, you can tell they are in love and how much they want each other and its so frustrating reading about Abby going on dates and Travis hooking up with girls. I’m not going to lie it broke my heart a little! I recommend this book to ANYONE AND EVERYONE its perfect for any romance fan.

I always find self-published books to be the best they aren’t always well known so when a book like BD gets big you know we have another talented author in the world.

Coming back to the beginning of my review, I don’t see why Beautiful Disaster was linked to Fifty Shades at all. Yes the characters have a past but fifty shades is all about the dominance and learning how to love etc  whereas BD is about just love, there is no crazy wild sex scenes or red rooms like FS. I’m glad I found this book though as it has really inspired me to write more and learn more about self publishing.

I am giving this book a 5 out of 5 because I loved it that much!
I am suggesting that everyone reads it even if romance isn’t your genre.

I will be doing a review on Walking Disaster Jamie Mcguire’s second book, the same story but from Travis Maddox’s point of view, in the next few days be sure to keep an eye out for it.

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