I’m so sorry I haven’t posted on here for a few days, since I have been ill, I have not been able to move much so typing an entire review was out of the question. Apparently I have a virus says the doc but I have never heard of a virus that makes you feel like jelly and as though all of your bones are broken!

Anyway on the plus side I am feeling better and have a review to do possibly sunday afternoon (I have work tomorrow and sunday) The review will be on a book called The Bet, I am enjoying it so far but it can always change! I have also been writing more well not the last few days but before I was ill I exchanged emails with a lovely woman who has given me much inspiration and advice on writing, so since then that is what I have been working on. I  have another book I will soon be reading and reviewing so look out for that in the next few weeks.

So this was just a small quick update of what is to come and to let you guys know why there hasn’t been much activity on here. I hope you’re all well!